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Nadine West Reviews & Testimonials

Nadine West Review – A Must Buy Style Subscription

"My Verdict – As if you could not tell. I am SOLD! If you want to treat yourself to a styling service on a budget, Nadine West is the way to go! I honestly can give or take on the accessories, but it does make this box feel like a luxury."



"I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started receiving bright pink packages from Nadine West! Each month it’s so fun to see this bag arrive on my doorstep. I’ve found so many items I’ve loved (that I wouldn’t have glanced at in the store) and for amazing prices, too! I’ve partnered with Nadine West to share my one year review with you."

Ruth from


"I’m back again with my Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review of package number three! After years of dragging my feet and avoiding clothing subscriptions, out of fear. I finally took a leap of faith. So here I am, a couple months later, ready to share my THIRD package with you!"

Miranda - Thrifty Nifty Mommy

"I have so many articles of clothing that are favorites of mine that I got from Nadine West. I’m excited to share my first Nadine West review of 2020!"

Emily -

"The Verdict: I love Nadine West! I loved the necklace and the top this month! I also really liked the earrings and was excited to try a romper that actually kind of fit. I think if you want to treat yourself to a styling service on a budget, Nadine West is the way to go! ."

Anna Rodriguez -

"My first package with Nadine West was a hit so I decided to try it again. They are a monthly clothing subscription company for women. You have the option to get a shipment every two weeks or every four weeks."


"The Verdict: I love Nadine West! My favorites this month are the scarf and the silver earrings. I am also really happy they have started sending more pieces. More pieces mean more choices! I think if you want to treat yourself to a styling service on a budget, Nadine West is the way to go! Their pieces are not always the highest quality, but they are consistently the least expensive."

 Anna Rodriguez -

Nadine West Month 2 Review

"I’m very happy with the shirt I kept. My husband loved it. Also, the fact that I had already paid the $9.95 for shipping that becomes a credit towards anything you purchase definitely had something to do with it."

 Jennie -

Nadine West April 2020 Review

"Pippa Earrings $11,99 These earrings are perfect for me! I love the brushed silver and they are not too big.
The nice thing about Nadine West is you can buy just the pieces you want. I love the black shirt and the purple shirt the most this month."

Subscription Box Mom

Nadine West – Style Subscription Box Review

"First off, the introductory profile to start service is short and sweet and very easy. Within minutes you’re set up and waiting for your first box, I didn’t have a write a comprehensive novel for them to understand my style…much appreciated! After a short time, my package arrived and inside were clothing picks and accessories that were so me and perfect for Fall. You keep only the pieces that you love and send back what you don’t want with their included return shipping label. I kept everything because honesty, there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t like- it was like getting a surprise package from your best friend who knows what you love."

Opal Roknipour -

Nadine West Review #3

"I’m definitely going back for another round next month! I’m not a great accessories shopper, and I’ve worn those pieces multiple times already and it made it my favorite thing: easy! And cheap. Yep, cheap and easy, just the way I like it :). Added customer service bonus: I received a recorded voicemail from Nadine West (the person) thanking me for my order and it was a really nice touch. "

Carissa - Spoonful of Easy

Nadine West Review

"You go to and sign up, take a style quiz based on your likes and dislikes style-wise, and then just sit back and wait. They curate a package with a top, a bottom, a dress, jewelry, gift cards, or other fun accessories and send it out to you. Once your package arrives you will get time to try everything and see what you like and what fits your style. You get a packing slip in your fun shiny pink envelope with the items you received and the individual prices for each along with a return date for sending back what you aren’t keeping. When it’s time to mail anything back, just put everything you aren’t keeping back in the same envelope and stick the return label over the sent label, drop it off at the post office or give it to your mailman and that’s it. "

Wanting to try a clothing subscription box but find the price not in your budget? Try this affordable alternative to Stitch Fix called Nadine West.

"Affordable Clothing Subscription Option

Does this sound like you too?! I am glad I’m not alone. Someone else is noticing we aren’t alone too. I recently saw a new(ish) clothing subscription service come across my feed and one word jumped out at me “affordable“. That had me sold enough to try it out. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Stitch Fix too- then check out Nadine West."

Nadine West August 2020 Review

"While a couple pieces weren’t exactly my style, I still enjoyed trying on all of the pieces from my Nadine West shipment. Plus, anything that wasn’t a good fit could be sent back at no charge to me! My personal favorites (definite keepers!) were the Ramonda dress, Harlow leggings, and Rumie necklace. 🙂"

Wendy Rose - 2 Little Rose Buds

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